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Let a Mediator and CDFA® Help You Go Through Divorce Peacefully


I help divorcing parties do so peacefully and productively. My unique background combines a command of the financial complexities with purposeful consideration of the emotional challenges. I can help clients navigate the divorce process in three ways:


better process


… because mediation is more peaceful, fair, and economical

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Divorce Financial Analysis

better data


… because many decisions in divorce revolve around family finances

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better prepared


… because you need to know how to navigate the road ahead

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What clients say about Kim:

“Your guidance and care were so important and very much appreciated. We walked into your office overwhelmed and confused, but you were able to help us break it down into manageable pieces. In the end, the pieces fit. We couldn’t have found a better resource and partner to assist us with solving our puzzle.”

“Thank you again for all of your good humor, patience, and hard work. You were calm, thorough, and even-handed throughout this difficult process. Even if the dollars had worked out exactly the same, it makes a huge difference to have hashed everything out in the safe and transparent setting that you provided."

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