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Divorce & Mediation Services in Massachusetts


The end goal in any divorce is to achieve peace—between the parties and for the children. Financial peace of mind also matters. Being a divorced person myself, I have extensive experience in crunching the numbers and professionally acknowledging the emotions involved in a divorce.

At Kim Whelan Mediation in Newton, Massachusetts, I guide both parties through the conflict and toward peace. As a mediator, I will provide you with the following services.


I make sure the parties “check all the boxes.” The legal act of getting divorced in Massachusetts is complicated, so I ensure that each issue is addressed and resolved.


My command of divorce financial analysis is also a particularly powerful resource because so many decisions are related to family finances. I provide the full financial, legal, and emotional contexts to enable solid discourse among the parties.


I help you discuss while you’re at your best so that the negotiation process is more productive and peaceful.

Why Choose Mediation as Your Process?

Mediation is an option to settle the terms of your divorce, and I can help you determine if this is the right path for you. The initial conversation is always free. It also enables you to see how to move forward with your divorce.

Save Time and Money

Both parties have to communicate directly and in real-time during mediation. This makes the process quicker and often less expensive.

Have More Control

You and your spouse know your family best, so both of you should be the decision-makers. Rather than letting others negotiate for you or make decisions on your behalf, mediation enables the parties to work together using their intimate knowledge and communal considerations.

Avoid Escalating Conflict

Mediation focuses on the opportunities, not the battle. As the process promotes effective communication, arguments and divisiveness are replaced with a more peaceful resolution.

Emotional Equilibrium

A skilled mediator doesn’t allow your anger or fear to drive the process. I make sure you keep focused on your goals and interests.

Productive Co-Parenting

You want to put your children first. Mediation builds a foundation for effective cooperation between parents, both during the divorce process and going forward.

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Divorce Financial Analysis

Financial issues are the most frequent source of anxiety and conflict in divorce. My job is to take the mystery and fear out of the numbers.

I can work with two parties in mediation, through individual consultation, or on behalf of an attorney or other mediators. As a skilled Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA), I identify pertinent financial issues, lay out the options, and empower clients toward firm decisions.

Financial Reality Check

Creating two households would also require separate costs. I help clients compile data about their income and living expenses in a format that clarifies financial strengths and weaknesses.

Dividing Assets

Parties should explore all options for splitting their assets. I help clients by analyzing options for dividing different kinds of assets and identifying the trade-offs, including liquidity, diversification, potential growth, and tax implications.

Supporting the Negotiation Process

I evaluate alternative strategies so clients can make decisions based on what is most important. A client may need a comprehensive analysis or want to focus on a specific issue. No two cases are exactly the same, so I never take a cookie-cutter approach.

Typical Questions I Help Clients Address

  • Are we living above our means?

  • How can we afford two households?

  • Does it make sense for the kids and me to stay in the house and can I afford it?

  • Can I afford to pay that much support?

  • Can I live on that little support?

  • Will I be okay in the short term and the long term?

  • What happens to our retirement accounts?

  • How do we deal with pensions?

  • Do we have enough liquidity to divide our assets in a way that makes sense?

  • What about credit card debt and student loans?

  • What is the best way to claim children on our tax returns?


People often start down the path of divorce without having a full understanding of the process. I help demystify the road ahead, drawing on my extensive experience and practical optimism in Newton, Massachusetts.

Understanding Divorce in Massachusetts

Being knowledgeable in matters related to your divorce is a must. Among these important concerns are child support, alimony, and property division, which I can discuss with you.

Assessing Your Financial Options

I can educate you about your financial strengths and weaknesses, so you make sound financial decisions with confidence.

Picking the Right Divorce Process

I can provide you with an overview of your process options so you can explore which one best suits you. These options include meditation, collaborative law, settlement negotiation, litigation, and do-it-yourself procedures.

Creating Your Strategy

We can assess your needs and concerns and then develop suitable strategies for moving forward.  Where needed, I can refer you to specialized professionals who can provide effective and efficient assistance.

Focusing on the Future

I can help you identify the issues most important to you, so you avoid being overcome by anger or fear -- or getting stuck in the past.  I will coach you to set optimistic but realistic goals to preserve your financial and emotional resources for the future.