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Mediation in Massachusetts


The end goal in any divorce is to achieve peace—between the parties and for the children. Financial peace of mind also matters. Being a divorced person myself, I have extensive experience in crunching the numbers and professionally acknowledging the emotions involved in a divorce.

At Kim Whelan Mediation in Newton, Massachusetts, I guide both parties through the conflict and toward peace. As a mediator, I will provide you with the following services.


I make sure the parties “check all the boxes.” The legal act of getting divorced in Massachusetts is complicated, so I ensure that each issue is addressed and resolved.


My command of divorce financial analysis is also a particularly powerful resource because so many decisions are related to family finances. I provide the full financial, legal, and emotional contexts to enable solid discourse among the parties.


I help you discuss while you’re at your best so that the negotiation process is more productive and peaceful.

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