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Divorce Consulting Massachusetts


People often start down the path of divorce without having a full understanding of the process. I help demystify the road ahead, drawing on my extensive experience and practical optimism in Newton, Massachusetts.

Understanding Divorce in Massachusetts

Being knowledgeable in matters related to your divorce is a must. Among these important concerns are child support, alimony, and property division, which I can discuss with you.

Assessing Your Financial Options

I can educate you about your financial strengths and weaknesses, so you make sound financial decisions with confidence.

Picking the Right Divorce Process

I can provide you with an overview of your process options so you can explore which one best suits you. These options include meditation, collaborative law, settlement negotiation, litigation, and do-it-yourself procedures.

Creating Your Strategy

We can assess your needs and concerns and then develop suitable strategies for moving forward.  Where needed, I can refer you to specialized professionals who can provide effective and efficient assistance.

Focusing on the Future

I can help you identify the issues most important to you, so you avoid being overcome by anger or fear -- or getting stuck in the past.  I will coach you to set optimistic but realistic goals to preserve your financial and emotional resources for the future.