Divorce Mediation Services in Newton, MA

Divorce can be a financial and emotional strain, but my services can significantly reduce that strain. Kim Whelan Mediation provides divorce mediation services, usually an amicable and effective alternative to litigation. I also provide divorce financial analysis to help clients understand their financial options in divorce.  If you are located in the Newton, MA, area and are looking for guidance and help with divorce mediation, call today.

How Kim Whelan Mediation Can Help

I am a mediator and a CDFA®-certified divorce financial analyst. Drawing on my personal experience and formal training, I help you and your spouse navigate your divorce peacefully through divorce mediation. I help you with:

  • Effective mediation: Mediation often provides a more fair and economical solution for both parties than traditional litigation.
  • Competent financial analysis: Finances can be a potential point of contention during a divorce. I can help sort financial complexities in a fair and purposeful way.
  • Reliable consultation: What steps should you take to prepare for your divorce? I will consult with you and help you strategize about the challenges ahead with confidence and emotional clarity.

As you navigate through your divorce mediation, I will provide you and your spouse with purposeful consideration of key issues, will facilitate more peaceful negotiations, and will provide the information and structure you require.

My divorce mediation services will also help you in the following ways:

  • Avoid escalating the conflict
  • Achieve emotional equilibrium
  • Productively co-parent
  • Save time and money
  • Take more control of your divorce

Every divorce is different, so I can’t definitively tell you how long the mediation process will take, but I strive to help divorcing couples work through the process as quickly as possible. In some cases, you may still wish to consult an attorney, in which case I can recommend mediation-friendly lawyers.

Call Today

If you have any questions about my divorce mediation services in the Newton, MA, area or would like to set up an appointment, call me at (617) 581-0747.